My love affair with reflexology began over 15 years ago. I was having a tough time and I decided to try something new. For me it was transformative. I felt like a different person. I told everyone who would listen what an amazing therapy it was and even trained at the time to practice, but my life took me in a different direction.

I was a nurse for just over ten years. I loved my job but I felt more and more that preventative medicine was the way forward. Modern life is very stressful. By finding time for ourselves to relax, the body can recuperate and begin help itself. Reflexology can be a part of this journey. It is not only deeply relaxing but it gives us clues to where our issues lie - physically and emotionally. Reflexology supports health and after years working in healthcare managing disease, I feel the time has come to focus on the amazing work our bodies are capable of when we create the right environment for them to thrive.

In 2019 I qualified to practice the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release technique (MSTR). This has enhanced what I do already because, like reflexology it works on removing the restrictions in our bodies that prevent it from working at its optimum. The results I have seen have been truly amazing! Scars can have a huge influence on our presenting problems: reducing blood and lymph flow; causing restrictions in the fascia; weakening muscular strength; inhibiting joint movement; causing anxiety and self-image issues to name a few. MSTR may help with all of these. I feel privileged to add this wonderful treatment to the services I provide.