Beyond The Scar

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

When I first heard about Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR), I was sceptical. The results from such a simple and quick technique seemed unbelievable: People who had been living with pain for years, pain-free after just one session in some cases; wide ranging movement replacing joint restriction; reduced emotional attachment to events that caused the scars and in some cases dramatic reduction in visibility of scars. It sounded like magic...too good to be true?

Well after five case studies and a steady flow of new clients since I qualified I can absolutely say the changes I have seen really are miraculous! A lady suffering from constant pain and restricted movement following a car accident, pain free and able to put her own socks on again for the first time in over 15 years after just 2 sessions; another lady suffering from lower back pain and hip stiffness following a cesarean 9 years ago now looser in her back with no hip stiffness and able to sleep through the night, which she had been unable to do due to discomfort. Even a woman who rated the strength of her emotional response when thinking about her emergency c-section 20 years ago as 8 out of 10 (a strong emotional response) at our first session, changing her score to 2 out of 10 (a mild emotional response) at our 3rd session and telling me she couldn't remember the deep feelings she had about that traumatic event before her first treatment.

I have been astounded by what I have seen. Scars can affect us not just physically but mentally and emotionally also. The body creates scar tissue as a response to trauma. This new tissue is fibrous and non-elastic, which will have a dragging and pulling effect on the structures around it, including the joints. The force needed to move affected joints is increased, which can cause restriction of movement. This same principle applies when applied to the abdomen following a cesarean section - flexion, extension and rotation of the spine can all be reduced due to the 'drag'of the scar tissue. It is no wonder women often complain about lower back pain following c-sections. Look at where the muscles, not to mention the fascia lies and you can see that restriction in the front is going to affect the back too.

Scar tissue affects the whole body. If you have a scar, no matter how old, I would say, give MSTR a try. Even seemingly unrelated symptoms can be relieved when using this technique on the most remote of scars. For those who have suffered since they acquired their scars, I say what are you waiting for? this technique could change your life.

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