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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

It can be hard to explain reflexology to somebody who knows nothing about it. How can I explain how it works or how it feels without sounding like a new-age hippy? Don't get me wrong, I love trees and I'm not adverse to a little barefoot time in the wild. Nature is beautiful and I believe our bodies are capable of much more than we give them credit for. Perhaps I am not completely conventional. But my background is in nursing and I am always keen to read the latest evidence-based research with regards to health and well-being. I am aware that telling a sceptical person that balance can be achieved in their body by touching only their feet sounds a bit far-fetched.

Reflexology is not magic (although sometimes it feels as though it is). It is the process of removing blockages (some believe in energy, some nerve pathways) that hinder our body's ability to work the way it should. When we are stressed, when we are grieving, when we are tired - we release hormones, we tense our muscles, we don't retain information we are being given. Not only one system is affected, multiple systems are, as our bodies communicate mind to body, body to mind. It can be hard to correct this disruption when we are stuck in an endless cycle.

I heard somebody say recently that "reflexology is like a reboot". I have struggled for many years to describe what reflexology does and how it feels but this description is just right. It allows your body to pause and in doing so, this can be just the time needed to feel like yourself again (the real you before all the imbalances set in). It is up to you to decide in this space whether you want to change things. Your body, your decisions. At the very least it's an hour of pure relaxation in an often stressful life, at most it can bring the clarity to make real positive changes and this can help not just your mental health but your physical health too...I have many clients who would testify to that.

Reflexology made part of your monthly regime really can change your life. Sound like i'm exaggerating? Give it a try. It's not what I do but what you do...I'm just the hands that help kick-start what your body was made to do.


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