Emotions on a Physical Level

I've always known that emotional health is important. I have had few truly dark spells in my life but the few I have experienced I am grateful for because they have shown me how it is possible that emotional trauma can affect not only a person's mental health but their physical health also.

For example - It is thought that there is a stronger correlation between childhood trauma and addiction than there is between obesity and diabetes. It is also thought that up to 80% of all GP consultations are related to stress. We get on and we bury deep the pain we are suffering, but at what cost?

Since I started doing scar tissue release work, I have been surprised by not only the physical changes in the scars and surrounding areas but also the emotional release that has taken place in quite a few cases. It has lead me to believe that emotions are stored at the deepest levels of our being and that without confronting and releasing negative emotion we are not living our fullest lives. It is a belief that is shared by Luis Angel Diaz. In his book 'Memory in the Cells' he writes about releasing repetitive patterns and painful behaviours.

The physical and emotional 'block' caused by scarring I believe acts as a knot - the blood, lymph and energy that should flow freely through an area of tissue cannot do so once it becomes damaged because there is a tight mass preventing it from doing so. Tied up in that knot is the emotion related to the event that caused the scar which remains until it is released. When it comes, often the emotion is brought to the surface too.

This is not a negative thing in itself. The immediate feelings of sadness, guilt, pain etc are short lived and every single person who has cried or felt remorseful for the short time it has taken them to work it though has felt better afterwards - lighter, clearer and happy they have been able to confront what was always there, albeit, just beneath the surface.

Of course not everybody reacts in this way after a scar release treatment. We are all different - some have felt no emotional change, only physical and very few have felt no difference at all. My point is that if something as physical as gently manipulating scar tissue can bring a person to tears and enable them to confront an event they weren't even aware was causing them pain in their lives, then it's easy to see that every part of our body, mind and souls are connected, highlighting the importance of holistic care for the prevention of dis-ease.

I recommend reflexology monthly as it works the whole body (through the feet), enabling the receiver's body to set about balancing itself. For people who have had a skin trauma, I do advise scar tissue release if there are no contraindications. It sounds far-fetched, but the easing of fibrous, tight scar tissue can be the difference in yourself you have been looking for.

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