Food can be your medicine

Anybody who knows me will know how much I love Dr Chatterjee and the work he is doing to increase our knowledge about health, empowering us all to live fitter, happier and more informed lives. He has been talking for a while now about the importance of eating the right foods if we want to feel good. Look at the link below to find simple tips about diet changes so we can help improve our mood and prevent mental health problems like depression:

This week I also read an article online at which added the growing belief of many

Eating the Rainbow - Eating unprocessed foods in many colours is thought to improve our gut health.

who believe the link between gut and brain is so intimate that we can't affect one without it affecting the other:

With a majority of serotonin and dopamine being created in the gut it makes sense and also goes some way to explaining the huge rise in mental health problems in recent years. Processed food, excess sugar, the overuse of medication (particularly antibiotics) and eating late into the night as well as the over consumption of alcohol have all had a negative affect on our digestive system. Reflexology is a great place to start if you are looking to make changes. It can help focus the mind, as when your body is more balanced, everything feels better. Constipation, IBS, anxiety and depression are just some of the conditions clients have said Reflexology has helped them with. You can change your gut health now. An hour of pure relaxation at the beginning of your journey...why not?

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